Explore the Manhattan Beach School District

The Award Winning Schools of Manhattan Beach

Great schools are the foundation of great neighborhoods and Manhattan Beach definitely has some great schools.  The combination of a great learning environment with incredible parent participation has led to some of the highest ranked schools in the country.  Many buyers contact me as they are specifically looking for homes in Manhattan Beach due to the great school system.  Manhattan Beach Unified is one of the top school districts in the country and test scores continue to get even higher.   API scores are generally all in the mid 900 range.

There are 5 elementary schools as well Manhattan Beach Middle School and Mira Costa High School.  Below is information on each school, a boundary map showing where students attend by neighborhood, and the 2012 base API scores.


One of the more frequent questions is what elementary school will a child attend depending on where they buy a home in Manhattan Beach.  Manhattan Beach Unified School District has 5 elementary schools, one middle school and one high school (Mira Costa).  See the map below to get a better sense of where the elementary schools are located and the boundaries of each.

Meadows Pacificelementary Robinson Grandview Pennekamp

In general the hill section and south sand section neighborhoods attend Robinson Elementary, the north sand section and parts of the tree section attend Grand View, the eastern half of the tree section attends Pacific, the Manhattan Heights and Liberty Village areas (east of Sepulveda and north of MB Blvd) attend Meadows and the Mira Costa area of East Manhattan attend Pennekamp.  All are fantastic schools with incredible test scores and parent participation is second to none.

Manhattan Beach Elementary Schools