3212 The Strand Manhattan Beach- Recent Remodel Goes Pending

3212 The Strand, Manhattan Beach - Latest home to go into escrow

**updated on 2/21/21**  The latest beachfront property in Manhattan to go into escrow is a bit of a surprise.  The recent beachfront flip at 3212 The Strand has gone into escrow. The sales price is currently unknown but the home was listed at $10,950,000. If the house looks somewhat familiar, it should as it sold for land value not long ago. The previous sale of 3212 The Strand, Manhattan Beach back in November 2019 for $8,525,000. The home underwent a fairly substantial remodel but no square footage was added to the existing 2,307 sq feet. We’ll see what the sales price is in the coming days but the listing price of $10,950,000 is impressive in our eyes given the circumstances and size of the home.

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3212 The Strand, Manhattan Beach CA

Listing courtesy of Jay Dharmasuriya – Realty Brokerage Group Inc