1804 The Strand Now In Escrow in Manhattan Beach

An exception to the relatively slow real estate market on beachfront Strand in Manhattan Beach is the recent escrow of 1804 The Strand.  Originally priced at almost $19,000,000 the home sat on the market for quite a while, but several price reductions later it’s not in escrow.

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  • $13,999,000
  • 5 bedrooms (3 bedroom unit and 2 bedroom unit)
  • 5 baths
  • 3,994 sq feet*
  • 3,329 sq foot lot*

*buyer to verify

Info on 1804 The Strand Manhattan Beach

Market Update – October Home Sales in Manhattan Beach

See the Manhattan Beach homes that sold in October

October was another banner month for home sales in the luxury coastal community of Manhattan Beach.  There were 51 closed sales which was only topped in the past few years but the 61 sales in September 2020.  The median “asking” price of the homes that sold was $2,899,000 with the median “sold” price of $2,880,000 indicating the continuation of a market very favorable to sellers. The average price per foot was $1206 and the average days on market before selling was 49.

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October 2020 Manhattan Beach Home Sales and Property Prices

Type AddressPrice$ Per FootBed/BathSq FeetYearSold Date
CONDO/A640Manhattan Beach BLVD #6$910,000$1,091.132/2,0,0,0834/A1969/ASR10/24/2020
SFR/D317Gull ST$1,810,000$1,296.563/3,0,0,01396/A1958/ASR10/7/2020
SFR1705Highland AVE$1,915,000$1,464.072/2,0,0,01308/192410/8/2020
SFR/D508Rosecrans AVE$2,340,000$776.634/3,0,0,03013/A1987/ASR10/28/2020
SFR/D40416th ST$2,700,000$1,875.003/2,0,0,01440/A1949/APP10/13/2020
SFR/D22136th ST$2,780,000$1,427.103/3,0,1,01948/A2003/SEE10/14/2020
SFR/D2251st ST$2,800,000$1,337.793/0,3,1,02093/A1972/ASR10/22/2020
TWNHS/A44323rd PL$2,875,000$1,168.703/2,1,1,02460/A2018/ASR10/6/2020
SFR/D3213rd ST$3,000,000$1,036.634/3,0,1,02894/A1955/SLR10/29/2020
SFR/D12439th ST$3,100,000$1,543.823/2,1,1,02008/B2020/BLD10/26/2020
SFR/D5364th ST$3,250,000$1,066.274/3,0,0,03048/A1988/ASR10/30/2020
TWNHS/A30426th ST$3,649,500$1,067.423/4,0,1,03419/AP1989/ASR10/26/2020
TPLX/A408Manhattan AVE$3,650,000$1,648.604/3,0,0,02214/A1907/ASR10/7/2020
SFR/D22515th ST$3,900,000$1,856.264/1,2,0,02101/A1920/ASR10/28/2020
TWNHS/A2215Bayview DR$4,350,000$1,653.994/3,0,1,02630/A2007/ASR10/21/2020
SFR/D2212nd ST$4,400,000$3,076.922/2,0,0,01430/A1955/ASR10/1/2020
TWNHS/A2612Highland AVE$5,300,000$1,930.784/1,3,1,02745/B2020/BLD10/14/2020
SFR/D5018th ST$5,475,000$1,311.385/2,2,1,04175/D2020/ASR10/13/2020
SFR/D1208 NArdmore AVE$1,649,531$1,913.612/1,0,0,0862/A1947/ASR10/30/2020
SFR/D57527th ST$2,000,000$1,458.793/2,0,0,01371/A1950/ASR10/16/2020
SFR/D3528Maple AVE$2,075,000$1,167.703/2,0,1,01777/A1947/ASR10/23/2020
SFR/D2601Walnut AVE$2,149,000$1,118.113/2,0,0,01922/A1961/ASR10/28/2020
SFR/D6Arbolado CT$2,485,000$755.094/3,0,0,03291/A1988/ASR10/16/2020
SFR/D2812Elm AVE$2,525,000$1,021.034/4,0,0,02473/A1999/ASR10/20/2020
SFR/D2818 NArdmore AVE$2,600,000$739.905/4,0,1,03514/A2001/ASR10/6/2020
SFR/D59531st ST$2,750,000$859.384/1,2,0,03200/A1987/ASR10/20/2020
SFR/D3000Elm AVE$2,880,000$900.005/4,0,0,03200/P1996/ASR10/30/2020
SFR/D56931st ST$3,075,000$924.815/3,1,1,03325/AP1950/PUB10/22/2020
SFR/D708Marine AVE$3,360,000$1,083.874/4,0,0,03100/B2006/ASR10/19/2020
SFR/D1801Oak AVE$4,300,000$818.896/4,0,1,05251/O2019/ASR10/21/2020
SFR52815TH ST$8,215,000$1,267.166/5,0,1,06483/A201510/1/2020
SFR/D926Duncan PL$2,425,000$764.024/2,0,1,03174/A1977/ASR10/9/2020
SFR/D927 NDianthus$3,350,000$891.434/2,1,0,03758/A1996/ASR10/23/2020
SFR/D600Anderson ST$3,500,000$1,728.403/3,0,0,02025/A1958/ASR10/14/2020
SFR/D9069th ST$4,650,001$857.626/7,0,0,05422/AP2007/ASR10/21/2020
SFR/D704Pacific AVE$11,000,000$2,109.706/6,0,1,05214/A1997/ASR10/21/2020
TWNHS/A14Grenada CT$1,400,000$730.693/2,0,1,01916/A1987/ASR10/19/2020
SFR/D2000Faymont AVE$1,471,000$1,201.803/1,1,0,01224/A1950/ASR10/14/2020
SFR/D142117th ST$1,800,000$1,482.703/1,0,1,01214/O1954/ASR10/30/2020
SFR/D1601Wendy WAY$1,800,000$1,321.593/2,0,0,01362/A1950/ASR10/16/2020
SFR/D113521st ST$1,810,000$1,154.343/2,0,1,01568/A1948/ASR10/6/2020
SFR/D132418th ST$3,460,000$752.175/4,0,1,04600/A2003/PUB10/8/2020
SFR/D141618th ST$3,800,000$1,026.755/4,0,0,03701/A2016/ASR10/9/2020
SFR/D15053rd ST$3,050,000$685.865/4,0,1,04447/A2000/ASR10/6/2020
SFR/D14318th ST$3,300,000$744.086/5,0,0,04435/A2004/ASR10/8/2020
SFR/D151510th Street$3,360,000$729.175/4,0,2,04608/A2007/ASR10/27/2020
SFR/D18379th ST$3,800,000$775.515/5,0,1,04900/B2020/BLD10/19/2020
SFR/D117 SMeadows$5,000,000$1,070.435/3,1,1,04671/A2014/ASR10/28/2020

2508 The Strand the Latest Addition to the Crowded Beachfront Market in Manhattan

2508 the Strand Manhattan Beach - $12,900,000

The beachfront home market on the Manhattan Beach Strand has never hThe latest home is located at 2508 The Strand. It’s a 4 bedroom, 5 1/2 bath single family home with approximately 4,554 square feet on a standard 3,500+ foot lot. It gets a little bit of extra traffic in an around it due to the parking lots at nearby Bruce’s Beach but overall the location is excellent as it’s fairly close to downtown but slightly closer for commuters. It’s a very unique home and per the listing description

“Distinctively designed by Giorgio Dazzan and Associates, the home is a blend of curvilinear shapes and sleek finish detail that create interest and intrigue throughout.”

It was built in 2009 and is priced at $12,900,000.

If you happen to be a home buyer looking for a beachfront home in Manhattan Beach, there’s never been a wider array of possibilities than there are now. Each week seems to see another home hitting this high value market. Listing courtesy of Dennis Moloney & Jeremy Shelton – Strand Hill Christies International Real Estate

See the Homes that Sold in Manhattan Beach During September

September Home Sales in Manhattan Beach

What a month it was for Manhattan Beach real estate.  There were 61 properties that closed escrow during the month which was not only well above normal, but significanly higher than the 22 homes that sold in September of 2019.  Prices were equally impressive with a median sales price of over $3,000,000. 

None of the homes were beachfront Strand homesThe high price of the month was $8,215,000 for a 6 bedroom, 2015 built single family home at 528 15th Street in the Manhattan Beach tree section

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September 2020 Property Sales and Home Prices in Manhattan Beach

Type AddressPrice$ Per FootBed/BathSq FeetYear
TWNHS/A4222Ocean DR$2,005,000$1,4792/2,0,1,01356/A1979/ASR
TWNHS/D813Crest DR$2,395,000$1,1133/3,0,1,02151/A2004/ASR
SFR/D505 NValley DR$2,400,000$1,0334/2,0,2,02323/AP2006/ASR
SFR/D4109Crest DR$2,590,000$1,2703/4,0,0,02040/A2001/ASR
DPLX/D2821Bayview DR$2,800,000$2,1023/2,0,0,01332/A1935/ASR
SFR/D5176th ST$2,800,000$3,2712/1,0,0,0856/A1952/ASR
SFR/D51521st ST$3,243,000$1,2735/4,0,0,02548/A2002/APP
DPLX/D2813Vista DR$3,399,000$1,9074/3,0,0,01782/A1924/ASR
TWNHS/A1308Manhattan AVE$3,500,000$1,6753/3,0,1,02090/A2009/ASR
SFR/D43627th ST$3,985,000$1,1474/4,0,1,03473/B2019/BLD
SFR/D23217th ST$4,500,000$1,8124/1,2,0,12483/A2019/OTH
SFR/D44532nd ST$4,530,000$1,0685/4,0,1,04243/B2020/BLD
SFR/D22016th ST$5,025,000$1,8605/4,0,0,02701/A1964/PUB
TWNHS/A2613Crest DR$5,999,000$2,1084/2,2,1,02846/B2020/BLD
SFR/D21613th ST$6,900,000$1,4945/4,0,1,04620/A2014/ASR
SFR/D3501Elm AVE$1,650,000$1,3053/2,0,0,01264/A1956/ASR
SFR/D93327th ST$1,650,000$1,0053/2,0,0,01642/A1950/EST
SFR/D2913Pacific AVE$1,925,000$1,0203/2,0,0,01888/A1962/PUB
SFR/D1944 NArdmore AVE$2,212,500$1,0063/2,0,0,02200/E1956/EST
SFR/D3116Elm AVE$2,350,000$8763/2,0,0,12684/A1987/ASR
SFR/D2516Pacific AVE$2,499,000$7584/3,0,0,03296/A1990/ASR
SFR/D1906Flournoy RD$2,550,000$1,6164/2,0,0,01578/A1953/ASR
SFR/D2618Laurel AVE$2,775,000$1,1815/3,0,0,02350/A1966/ASR
SFR/D72927th ST$2,800,000$1,5333/2,1,0,01826/A1952/ASR
SFR/D66527th ST$2,830,000$1,3103/2,1,0,02161/A1940/ASR
SFR/D3304 NPoinsettia AVE$3,000,000$9295/2,1,1,03228/A1995/ASR
SFR/D87227th ST$3,000,000$8734/3,1,0,03438/A2011/ASR
SFR/D2517Elm AVE$3,300,000$1,0314/3,1,1,03200/E2020/BLD
SFR/D3405Pine AVE$3,400,000$1,0715/4,0,1,03175/D2020/BLD
SFR/D1801Palm AVE$3,400,000$8735/4,0,1,03893/A2000/ASR
SFR/D1804Palm AVE$3,600,000$1,1435/4,0,0,03150/A2000/ASR
SFR/D71731st ST$3,875,000$1,1035/4,0,0,03513/A2007/ASR
SFR/D66033rd ST$3,950,000$8305/5,0,1,04761/B2009/ASR
SFR/D64126th ST$4,100,000$1,1715/4,0,1,03500/A1996/ASR
SFR/D64830th ST$4,999,000$1,0525/5,0,1,04750/B2020/BLD
SFR/D81811th ST$2,062,200$1,3483/2,0,0,01530/A1954/ASR
SFR/D709Larsson ST$3,087,000$9084/4,0,0,03401/A2014/PUB
SFR/D601Larsson ST$3,200,000$8624/3,0,1,03712/A1993/ASR
SFR/D10338th ST$3,250,000$9034/5,0,0,03600/B2016/BLD
SFR/D6008th ST$3,300,000$1,3883/2,0,1,02377/E1954/ASR
SFR/D71710th ST$4,340,000$1,0175/3,0,1,04266/A1995/ASR
SFR/D118 SPoinsettia AVE$4,425,000$1,1924/4,0,1,03712/A1983/ASR
SFR/D52Village CIR$2,675,000$8204/1,2,1,03263/A1983/ASR
SFR/D165021st ST$1,566,000$9404/2,0,0,01666/A1952/ASR
SFR/D140721st ST$1,875,000$1,5383/2,0,0,01219/A1949/ASR
SFR/D1804Wendy Way$2,712,500$1,1134/2,2,1,02438/B1950/PUB
TWNHS/A1525Artesia BLVD #D$1,070,000$7503/1,1,1,01427/A1998/ASR
SFR/D1777Gates AVE$1,385,000$7843/1,1,0,01767/A1968/ASR
SFR/D418 SMeadows AVE$1,435,000$1,0453/2,0,0,01373/A1951/ASR
SFR525 NROWELL AVE$1,740,000$1,0303/2,0,0,01690/A1963/ASR
SFR/D18268th ST$1,849,000$9843/2,0,0,01879/A1953/ASR
SFR/D1726Mathews AVE$1,865,000$5614/4,0,0,03322/A1954/ASR
SFR/D17215th Street$2,150,000$8393/1,2,0,02564/AP1990/ASR
SFR/D524 NMeadows AVE$2,350,000$7784/3,0,1,03022/A1963/ASR
SFR17122nd ST$2,400,000$6765/4,0,0,03549/A2005/ASR
SFR/D1636Gates AVE$2,600,000$6475/2,2,0,04016/OTH1989/ASR
SFR/D16189th ST$2,875,000$6305/3,2,1,04561/A2002/ASR
SFR/D11276th ST$2,980,000$8055/3,1,0,03700/A1999/ASR
SFR/D1545Voorhees AVE$3,948,750$8235/4,1,0,04800/B2020/BLD

New Beachfront 4 Unit Property at 3820 The Strand in Manhattan Beach

3820 The Strand, Manhattan Beach - $8,495,000

For the investors out there, a rare find with a 4 unit beachfront building in the El Porto, or North Manhattan Beach, hitting the market.  This oceanfront property offers four rental units and the unit makeup is ideal for those looking for straight rental property or those looking to use the larger 3 bedroom owners unit and rent the others.  The makeup is:
1 3 2 1 Unfurnished $ 4,750
2 1 1 1 Unfurnished $ 5,000
3 2 2 1 Unfurnished $ 6,500
4 1 1 1 Unfurnished $ 4,488

3820 The Strand

Back on the Market with a New Price and New Realtor – 3808 The Strand Manhattan Beach

3808 The Strand - 4 bedrooms, 7 Bath - $13,500,000

We’ve talked aboout this home quite a bit and partially as this was originally our listing. After several realtors and several prices later it’s back on the market and now priced at $13,500,000 r>
BED / BATH:  4/7,0,0,0
SQFT(src):  4,772 (B)
PRICE PER SQFT:  $2,829.00
LOT(src):  3,501 sq. (A)
Listing courtesy of Tracy Tutor – Douglas Elliman



Luxury Beachfront Living on The Strand


Vista Sotheby’s International Realty is one of the top brokerages in Southern California and the South Bay.


2501 N Sepulveda Blvd, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266





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