Manhattan Beach Home Sales and Prices for February 2020

Market Update - February 2020 Home sales in Manhattan Beach CA

Welcome to our real estate recap for Manhattan Beach.  February 2020 was a very slow month for closed home sales in Manhattan Beach with only 21 homes sold during the month.   It wasn’t due to a lack of demand but a lack of inventory.  21 closed home sales was the  fewest home sales over the past 18 months other than December 2018 and 2019 (which is typically very slow)

Prices were solid  with the median list prices of $2,250,000 and a median sales price of $2,230,000 indicative of a market very favorable for home sellers.  Average price per foot for sold homes in Manhattan Beach was $1174.  Median days on market was only 39 which is another indication of a strong sellers market.  The tree section of Manhattan saw the most home sales with 8.   See the Manhattan Beach real estate stats for the past 15 months below.

February 2020 Home Sales and Prices in Manhattan Beach.

MLS #Type AddressPrice$ Per FootBed/BathSq FeetYearSold Date
SB20003843SFR/D41731st ST  $1,460,000$2,474.581/1,0,0,0590/A1949/ASR2/18/2020
19537834CONDO2404Manhattan AVE   #A$2,300,000$1,130.223/2,0,1,02035/A1983/ASR2/14/2020
SB20023357SFR/D405Bayview DR  $4,250,000$1,968.503/2,0,1,02159/A1999/ASR2/20/2020
SB19223059SFR/D22119th ST  $9,700,000$1,716.816/3,2,2,05650/B2019/BLD2/3/2020
SB19275812SFR/D3408Maple AVE  $1,530,000$1,486.882/1,0,0,01029/A1950/ASR2/14/2020
SB19257457SFR/D62835th ST  $2,100,000$1,098.334/2,0,0,01912/A1947/ASR2/26/2020
SB19139938SFR/D73213th ST  $2,150,000$1,124.483/2,0,0,01912/A1959/ASR2/28/2020
19530056SFR2704Oak AVE  $2,230,000$1,024.353/3,0,0,02177/19472/20/2020
SB20013855SFR/D2600Flournoy RD  $2,275,000$1,400.004/3,0,0,01625/A1941/ASR2/10/2020
SB20006910SFR/D86112th CT  $2,300,000$1,937.663/1,1,0,01187/A1947/ASR2/26/2020
SB19265504SFR/D2909Maple AVE  $2,600,000$828.825/3,1,1,03137/A2003/ASR2/7/2020
SB19228681SFR/D2204Agnes RD  $3,000,000$865.054/3,0,1,03468/A1990/ASR2/4/2020
SB19242730TWNHS/A5Lafayette CT  $1,085,000$736.092/2,0,0,01474/B1985/ASR2/6/2020
SB19130685SFR/D1909Harkness ST  $1,415,000$586.414/2,0,0,02413/A1950/ASR2/12/2020
SB20036688SFR/D1512Harkness ST  $1,675,000$1,042.313/2,0,0,01607/A1950/ASR2/19/2020
SB19206143SFR/D143723rd ST  $2,500,000$1,086.963/2,1,1,02300/E2019/EST2/21/2020
19491738TWNHS1520Manhattan Beach Bl    #B$625,000$570.782/1,0,1,01095/19662/26/2020
OC19192784SFR/D1300Curtis AVE  $1,370,000$983.493/2,0,0,01393/A1951/ASR2/7/2020
SB19280546SFR/D180011th ST  $1,799,000$875.003/2,0,1,02056/A1939/ASR2/13/2020
SB20003134SFR/D12263rd ST  $3,550,000$887.506/5,0,0,04000/A2019/SLR2/13/2020
SB19259750SFR/D1607Nelson AVE  $3,725,000$846.595/7,0,0,04400/B2019/BLD2/7/2020

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